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Below is the list of our 2019 Club Officers. 

Chairman Joe McGirl - chairmanrgaa@gmail.com
Vice Chairman Paul Levins
Treasurer Paul Rowley
Assistant Treasurer Maureen Clancy
Recording Secretary Maureen McLaughlin (Assistant Niall McKenna)
Corresponding Secretary Catherine Tracey - secretary.rockland@gmail.com
GDO Committee Chairman Mark Comerford
GDO Committee members Paul Levins, Niall McKenna, Denis Maddigan, Jimmy O'Flynn
Development Chairmen Paul Rowley, Phil Traynor, Mick Healy, Emmett Woods
FMC Chairmen  Mick Healy, Sean James
FMC Committee  Vince Tyer, Phil Traynor, Paul McLoughlin
Field Scheduler Paul Levins
Field Coordinator & Layout Kevin Lennon
Field Custodian/Groundskeeper Sean Sorohan, Mike Reilly
Building Custodians James Long, Ollie Cullen, Brian Pearson
CYC Coordinator Jennifer McKenna
CYC Coordinator Delegate Developing Officer, Chairman
Recorder Sean James
Registrar Jennifer McKenna -
Registrar Assistant Brigid McElligot
Historian Paul Rowley
Trustee Martin McKenna
Trustee Paul Rowley
Trustee Phil Traynor
Custodian Brendan Collins
Custodian Assistants  Ray Lennon, Jennifer McKenna, Mike Pellegrino, Chrissy Goldsmith, Gina Moughty
Photographers Chris Clark, Maureen McLaughlin, Ray Lennon
Minor Board Delegate Paul Moore
Minor Board Delegate Paul Levins
Minor Board Alternate Niall Smith
Minor Board Alternate Mike Killeen
Minor Board Hurling Delegate Harry Monaghan
Minor Board Hurling Alternate John Hannagan, PJ Stapleton
Senior Board Delegate Kevin Lennon 
Senior Board Delegate Emmett Woods
Senior Board Alternate Paddy Gormley
Senior Board Alternate Pat Guerin
Ladies Board Delegate Mike Reilly
Ladies Board Delegate Billy Traynor
Ladies Board Alternate Stan Hayes
Ladies Board Alternate Courtney Traynor
Under Age Girls-Youth Delegate Niall McKenna
Under Age Girls-Youth Delegate John Donahoe
Under Age Girls-Youth Alternate Catherine Tracey
Under Age Girls-Youth Alternate Brendan Collins
Senior Hurling Delegate Mike Dalton
Senior Hurling Delegate PJ Stapleton
Senior Hurling Delegate Alternate Chris Dalton
Senior Hurling Delegate Alternate Bernard Crowe
Dance Chairman Sean Sorohan, Mike Pellegrino, Paul Levins
Decorating Committee Michelle McCormack, Jackie Rowley
Journal Chairman Mick Healy
Journal Chairman Assistant Phil Traynor, Paul Rowley, Niall McKenna, Mike Pellegrino
Raffle Ticket Chairmen Paul Levins, Mark Comerford, Ollie Cullen, Padraig Connolly, Paul McLaughlin
Raffle Ticket Chairman Assistant Team Coaches
Robert McKeirnan Field Day Chairman Martin McKennna
Field Day Committee Jimmy O'Flynn, Gina Moughty, Chrissie Goldsmith, KimMarie O'Neill, Padraig Connelly, Mary Pellegrino 
Dennis McHugh Tournament Chairmen            Mick Healy, Mark Comerford
Communion Mass Scheduler Marie Delaney
Communion Breakfast Scheduler Ann Nally
X-mas Party/Awards Scheduler U8-18 Mary Pellegrino, Tina Murphy, Brendan Collins, Colin O'Neill
Trophy/Plaque Coordinator Sean Sorohan
Life Time Membership Chairman Pauric May; should be discussed at next monthly meeting
Scor Chairman Phil Traynor
Scor Chairman assistant Erin Loughran, Mickey Coleman, Pamela Garritty, Margie Mullvihill
Scholorship Committee Marie Delaney, Brian Coleman, Pat McGovern, Tommy Fennell, Paul Burke, Martin McKenna, Paul Rowley
Hospitality Ann Nally, Sean James
Executive Board Committee Joe McGirl, Paul Levins, Paul Rowley, Maureen Clancy, Catherine Tracey, Maureen McLaughlin, Niall McKenna, Mark Comerford, Phil Traynor, Mick Healy, Emmett Woods, Sean James
Chair Next Years AGM Paul Moore