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Rockland Girls u12 Hibernians

CYC Philadelphia 2019 July 25th-28th

Player of the Tournament: Ailish O

CYC Philadelphia 2019 - Movie Night 


6/16 FINALS DAY IN QUEENS: The Hibernians finished the Gaelic4Girls Spring Season with an unlucky result against Rangers in the B Final at Frank Golden Park. Now it's time for the girls to prepare for CYC. Player of the Game: Ella
u12 Hibernians vs Rangers in Rockland 6/5
Player of the Game: Olivia
Rockland u12 Hibernians vs Shamrocks in Rockland 5/22
Player of the Game: Meghan
u12 Hibernians vs Setanta in Yorktown 5/11
Player of the Game: Kiera
Mayo Visits Rockland GAA 5/9
First Game of the Spring Season: u12 Hibernians vs Shannon Gaels in Queens 5/4
Player of the Game: Cora
Liberty Bell Tournament - Philadelphia 4/20