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Rockland GAA will begin training the week of July 13th.

To ensure everyone can return safely, the following must be completed before the first training session:

  • Complete the GAA COVID-19 Club Education eLearning Module. At least one parent of each player must take this course. At the end of the Module, there will be a certificate where you fill in your name. Parents will send a copy of their certificate to the head coach of each team their child plays for (Ex: If you have a son on the u8 Boys and a daughter on the u12 Girls, you will send your completed certificate to BOTH the u8 Boys AND u12 Girls head coach).
  • Complete the Rockland GAA Health Questionnaire
  • Sign the Waiver relevant to your child's team and send it to your child's coach
  • When arriving to the field for practice, a parent/guardian must sign a waiver to ensure that their child's health status has NOT changed since first completing the Health Questionnaire. There will be absolutely NO DROP OFFS

If a child arrives at the field without all four requirements completed, they will not be allowed to join their team.


Any child that has any signs of or has been in contact with someone who has a fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss/distortion of taste or smell should stay home.

Disposable water bottles will not be allowed. Players must bring a reusable water bottle with their name clearly written to avoid another player from using it. 



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